Time for an update

Where has the time gone?  We were sweltering in August and September, and today the heat is on.  We have not had a trick or treater in years, being that we were on the mountain, so this year will be a lot of fun. We have started our decorations.


Today we had to leave the house for a few hours because the guy reconstructing the stairs was working, and the dog is scared to death of the nail gun’s compressor. So we just drove, and we ended up in the Manistee National Forest. The colors are almost at their peak, and it was just beautiful. No one around for miles.

This was the living room, complete with wallpaper mural of the Rocky Mountains.  The only thing going for this room was the wonderful natural light.

This is the living room today. The only thing we have left to do is finishing decorating   the full wall bookshelf, paint, and we will get to that this winter. We are going to have to trade out the table on the right, because it is just too big. Need to find another use for it though, as it is a great stone topped table. 


This is the before kitchen. White on white on white, except for the tiny rose wallpaper. (The next blog is on the wallpaper we have found and are going to eradicate in the house.)



This is the interim kitchen. Better than before and usable, but there will be major changes. We are having granite counters installed along with a new sink, taking down the wallpaper, painting, and replacing the flooring.  We are going with terracotta on the walls, and the cabinets will be a light sage green. The granite has specks of both colors in it. Have no clue what the floor covering will be. We have time to decide.