We put the blanket on the bed last night

It has finally cooled off. It was so hot for the last month that I thought we were still in the South. This week it will be mid seventies with nights hitting fifty. We love open windows when it is nice and cool.

Ann found this about Michigan winters, and I thought it pretty accurate.

The beaches are empty, but we still go and just look.


We found a pretty, private beach that allows dogs, and it is very close.


We have ordered a beach tent, which will keep the cooler wind off of us, and we will be headed to the beach later in the week. I would not want to take a dog in the heat of the summer, but she will like it now. She likes the water, up to her knees, and if you have met her you know that means about three inches.

This picture was taken this morning, while I was standing in the road right in front of our house. That is Lake Michigan.

We are investigating more and more. In the corner of the backyard there is a kitty angel, so we figured they had buried a pet there. Then under some brush I found a kitty tombstone.  Snuffy was loved. We will keep Snuffy’s memorial untouched.

Our grapes are beginning to ripen, and if we beat the birds to them, we will make grape jelly.

Lu, our brave girl, has been intimidated by the neighbor’s cat. Lu wanted to play, and luckily they were separated by a fence, because the cat did not want to play. But the cat has returned, so maybe there is a slowly budding friendship.

We are finally in line for our repairs to start and today is the day they begin upgrading the electrical. Oddly enough,  they didn’t need an outlet every 5 feet in the 50’s. Who knew? Next is the reconfiguring and upgrading of the stairs that lead to the second floor. Folks in the 50’s were not wussies and could climb stairs that weren’t on a perfect 45 degree angle. Again, who knew?

Life at Possum Manor North is starting to settle into a homey, comfortable routine. We still have lots and lots to do, but should be ready for company in a month or so.

We are loving this town and our new home.