We are here!!!!



It has been two weeks, and we have really accomplished a lot. There are still walls to be painted and boxes to be unloaded, but we are finally feeling at home.

We thought we were leaving the heat behind, but we have not seen a day under 80.  We have not had many days to explore the area, but we have decided that once a week must be a road trip of some kind. Yesterday we drove M22, which hugs Lake Michigan, and went up as far as the Sleeping Bear Dunes. We needed the break.

The Manistee River, which leads into Lake Michigan, is a major route for the ships that deliver coal to some industry and bring out salt from Morton’s. The two bridges that span the small river are drawbridges, and it is a big deal the ships come in. Tuesday evening it was the Great Republic, 628 feet long. People line up to watch. I understand that when they arrive in the dark of night it is   quite a light show. We were waiting for the bridge to open and the ship to arrive. Manistee is a small city of about 7,000 on the shores of Lake Michigan. Oddly enough Manistee, Chicago and three other Lake Michigan cities burned to the ground October 8, 1871.  Mrs. O’Leary’s cow was not responsible, but a night of meteors was.  Just a little bit of trivia for those inclined.

Finally the darn bridge came up. That alone was sight to see.

This is the back of the boat. I was in the wrong spot to get a good photo of it coming in. Next time.

I know this could be anywhere, but I liked the shot.  The next one was taken of Empire Bluff. I have taken that photo a million times in my life, and I can never get over how pretty is it.

We had a big day today too.  We transferred over our auto insurance…..Michigan has horrendous auto insurance prices.  About a thousand more a year for the two of us, and we have no tickets. I have a twenty dollar a month fine also, because of the chain reaction crash I was in a few years ago on 240 in Asheville. Seven cars. I was the front car, and my following distance was good because I hit no one. The truck that started the whole thing left the scene. When they do not have anyone to blame….yep, you guessed it…

Then we got our Michigan driver’s licenses, switched registration and got new plates. Oh, we registered to vote too. Then we opened a bank account. Big day for a little city. We came home and hung some curtains. The entire house has/had white vertical blinds. No offence to any of you who have vertical blinds, but they are a pain in the ass. They are never even, never turned all the same way, and they never stop moving!  We have hung curtains in the bedroom, two windows in the den, and the ones for the living room should be here tomorrow.

Just went into the garage for something, and I think the boxes that are still in there have begun to multiply. Heaven help us.

Thinking of Aretha today. Anyone ever heard her sing opera? She filled in once for Pavarotti at the Grammys and she was amazing. RIP Aretha.